Election, Financial and Membership Reports

If forms are needed click here.

For a copy of VVA Membership Affairs Committee (MAC) Report click here.

Please note:

     a) If your Election Report is on a two-year election cycle you must submit the Election Report in both
         years to VVA National Membership and to the VVA WSC Secretary.
     b) It is the responsibility of the VVA WSC and/or VVA Chapter Officers and the Certification Officer to
         ensure that the correct form(s) and the content is accurate.
     c) VVA National may accept your Report(s); however, the VVA WSC Secretary will review all Reports for
         accuracy - if a Report is found to be done on the wrong form or is inaccurate the Secretary will request
         an amendment to the Report and re-submittal to VVA National and the VVA WSC Secretary. 
     c) The deadline for submittal is no later than July 15
th unless during a VVA National Convention year
         which falls early.

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