WSC By-Laws

Article I Name
The name of the corporation is the Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. Wisconsin State Council as prescribed by the Articles of Incorporation and hereinafter referred to as the “Council,”
Article II Purpose
the purposes of the Council are those prescribed by the Articles of 
Incorporation and the Constitution of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.
Article III Members
Each chapter shall be entitled to two delegates for every twenty-five (25) members; a chapter with less than twenty-vive members shall be entitled to one delegate.  At-large members shall be entitled one delegate for every twenty-five at-large members.
Article IV Officers & Director
§1 The Officers of the Council shall be a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, and their duties shall be as prescribed in these by-laws and by parliamentary authority adopted by the Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.
§2 Each Council region, in Appendix 1, of these by-laws, shall elect a Director.  The duties of a Director shall be to attend all Council meetings, to coordinate Council activities and policies with the chapters of their region, and to comply with the directives of the the President.
Article V Meetings
§1  The Council will meet in March, June, and December.
§2  A quorum shall be one voting member from each of a majority of the Chapters.
§3  Attendance Requirement.  Chapters are required to have at least one delegate present at half the Council meetings each year; failure of a a Chapter to meet the requirement shall result in automatic suspension of that Chapter’s voting rights at all Council meetings until that Chapter is in compliance with the attendance requirement.
Article VI Amendments of By-Laws
These by-laws may be amended at any meeting of the Council by two-thirds vote provided the amendment has been given to the members within thirty to sixty days before the meeting.
Apendix 1 Regions
§1  Region 1 shall include the following Chapters: 409 Fort Atkinson, 324 Milwaukee, 448 Newburg, 635 Oconomowoc, 767 Racine, 425 Waukesha, and 921 Waterford.
§2  Region 2 shall include the following Chapters: 221 Baraboo, 729 Castle Rock, 236 Janesville, 220 Madison, and 101 Wisconsin Rapids.
§3  Region 3 shall include the following Chapters: 351 Appleton, 224 Green Bay, 731 Manitowoc, 437 Oshkosh, 115 Plover, 206 Shawano, and 618 Sheboygan.
§4  Region 4 shall include the following Chapters: 092 Chippewa Falls, 005 Eau Claire, 529 Hurley, 256 Minoqua/Woodruff, 331 River Falls, and 479 Wausau.

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