Wisconsin State Council
                                                                         The HighGround
                                                                            June 15, 2019


 0900    Wisconsin AVVA Meeting

 1000    Wisconsin State Council Meeting

             NOTE: All cell phones must be silenced; a $5.00 fine to those who phones ring.

 Call to Order; Pledge of Allegiance; Moment of Silence; Roll Call of VVA WSC Officers and VVA and AVVA Chapter Representatives; Assignment of Parliamentarian and Time Keeper; Changes to Agenda; Accept Agenda (Motion); and [Reading and] Approval of the VVA WSC Minutes’ of previous meeting (Motion).

·      Officers’ Report*

·      VVA At-Large Director’s Report*

·      Region Directors’ Report*

·      Committee Reports*

·      VVA Chapter Reports*

*Special Note: For purposes of this meeting, please submit your reports to the WSC

  Secretary ( or by USPS check mailing address in the directory on the

  WSC website (

  If your report is providing information requiring a motion or other action by the WSC

  Present it first the motion or action will be recorded and reported by the Secretary.


VVA National Convention Discussion (Please print these materials prior to the meeting.)

·      Update on the National Convention

·      Working Group I  (John Margowski)

   o   Strategic Plan for Dissolution
       o   Working Group I 1st Proposed Amendment
       o   Working Group I 2nd Proposed Amendment

·      Working Group II  (John Margowski)
       o   Executive Summary
·      Proposed Resolutions  (John Margowski)

The State Council provides the meat and buns for the Annual Picnic.  Remember, The HighGround is an Alcohol-Free Area.  Contact Mike Demske so he has an accurate count for attendance.

If you require an Adobe PDF of the above Agenda click here.

Agenda Archive

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