VVA provides forms needed to join VVA, transfer from VVA Chapter to VVA Chapter or going to or from an At-Large member.  Additionally, there are a number of forms needed by VVA Chapters to be completed or used to amend previous information submitted.

While these forms are on the VVA website the VVA WSC reviews the most commonly used forms and required forms so Wisconsin’s VVA Chapters have ready access.  All forms are presented as PDF - no different than VVA National.  PDF reports and forms are usually designed to be filled-in on your device and either printed and submitted to National.  However, all PDF forms after completion can be saved to your device and the form can be attached to an email and sent to the state council when required (e.g., Election Report, Annual Financial Report, VVA Chapter Election Change Report, etc.)>

Please note when completing and submitting a form to VVA National in nearlly all cases you must submit a copy to the VVA WSC Secretary.  The Secretary in turn keeps a copy of the form in the VVA WSC’s annual record; while VVA National will update their permanent records.  If there is ever a dispute the VVA Chapter has a copy and the VVA WSC Secretary has a copy of your information.

Following is a list of all VVA forms available on this site (blue) or linked to VVA National’s (red) resource of forms.  If you or your VVA Chapter uses an outdated form please download the newest version.  If an outdated form is used it may be rejected at the State or National level - a new form will have to be submitted.

Note in the case of an Election Report form if your VVA Chapter has a two year form submitted and approved and in year two the form has changed the form will be accepted by VVA WSC and VVA National.  You must still submit the form even if no changes.  However, if you have changes to the Election Report form (e.g., new members to the Board of Directors, an Officer change, etc.) the election process must be followed and a new and latest form must be submitted.

Other forms may be added as needed as produced by VVA - usually following the National Convention.

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