Current Calendar Year Reports

Special Note:  Those VVA Chapters in RED are on National’s Pre-suspension list today.  If your VVA Chapter has sent your material in it may be that National’s list is catching up to the mail.  Financial Reports with an N, but not the year ’19 means National has received the Report none was received by the WSC.  This report must be sent to the WSC Secretary - see Directory in this site.  The same is true for Election Reports.

When reviewing your Election and Financial Report data on this page, please check two dates the: 

1) Revised date within the report and
2) Modified date at the lower left hand corner of the website page - shows when added to site.


  • VVA Election Reports, according to the VVA Constitution Article III Section 9.A. must be submitted to the state council (in Wisconsin that is to the Secretary@vvawi.org)  and VVA Membership (membership@vva.org) no later than July 15th.  Non-compliance with Article III Section 9A is subject to National Disciplinary Action according to Article III Section 9.B.  
  • VVA Election and Annual Financial Reports should be used..
  • If your VVA Chapter has an officer change use the Change Form located on the VVA website or the WSC website.
  • If a VVA Chapter has a change to the Board of Directors and/or VVA WSC Delgate(s) the VVA Chapter strikes through the name (e.g., John Smith)and adds a new name to page 3 of the Election Report.  Page 3 is submitted only to the VVA WSC Secretary at Secretary@vvawi.org.
  • If there is a question regrading a change or Report not covered above contact your Region Director or the VVA WSC Secretary.

If you need to locate your Region Director or want to know which other VVA Chapters are in your Region click here.

If you want a printable PDF of the abover Election and Financial Report please click here.

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