Vietnam Veterans of America
Wisconsin State Council

 State Council Meeting
Ramada Waupaca
Waupaca, Wisconsin

March 16, 2019 


Toxic Exposure Committee Meeting (Formerly Agent Orange Committee)

Attendance: Demske, Lindbeck, Margowski, Mullarkey, Cannon, Furno, Scuiti, Eiting

Called to order by Chair Mike Demske at 9:00 A.M.

There will be a Town Hall Meeting on May 7th at Waukesha County Technical College located in Pewaukee starting at 1:00 PM.

 Mike thanked Jim for the Rainbow Handout that he developed. Available on the VVAWI website under committees.

Margowski will be providing a document for all members of Team Wisconsin to place in their notebooks so all will have the same information.  He also advised that the Iraq/Afghan Vets are getting started on a Burn Pit Registry.  There is also a concern of the fire-retardant foam used by the military that is not available commercially.

Demske stated there is a list of cancers that have a 2 year from date of service for a claim.  HR566 is to remove the 2-year requirement.

 Betty Mekdeci was interviewed by a Florida NBC station on birth defects of children of VN vets.

The Blue Water Navy Bill was addressed in the Appellate Court in DC and in a 9-2 vote that they Blue Water Vets need to be covered.  Secretary Wilke VA states that he is going to appeal to the US Supreme Court.  He has 90 days to respond.  The time frame is the end of March.

Motion:  Mullarkey – Set aside $1000 for the information packet printing.  Second - Cannon

Motion Carried. 

Margowski is working with the Social Development Commission in Milwaukee for the Toxic Exposure Team to present a Toxic Exposure (Agent Orange) Town Hall.

Lindbeck advised that Indian Summer has requested we do a Town Hall for the Native American Community.  Will be looking into if this can be done.

 Meeting adjourned at 9:55 AM

Wisconsin State Council Meeting

The WSC meeting was called to order by President Richard Lindbeck at 10:10 A.M. on March 16, 2019, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, and a Moment of Silence.  President Lindbeck appointed Tom Heitman as Parlimentarian and Michael Demske as Timekeeper.  The Secretary was directed to conduct the Roll Call.

Roll Call:

The following offices, directors, and representatives were present President Richard Lindbeck, Vice-President Dan Scuiti, Treasurer Patrick Craney Secretary James Mullarkey, Region 2 Director Mike Johnson, Region 3 Director Tom Hoffman, Region 4 Director Robert Morzenti, WSC At-Large Director Greg Foye, VVA At-Large Director John Margowski, and AVVA Wisconsin Representative Pat Furno.  The VVA Chapter delegates, alternates, members, and AVVA representation present[1] included: 0005(1)#4, 4/2; 0115(1)#3, 4; 0206(1)#3, 2/3; 0224(1)#3, 1; 0236(1)#2, 1; 0256(1)#4, 3; 0351(1)#3, 3/1; 0409(1)#1, 1; 0425(1)#1, 7/2, 0437(1)#3, 1; 0448(1)#1, 5; 0529(1)#4, 1; 0635(1)#1, 1/1,  0729(1)#2, 2; 0731(1)#3, 3; 0921(1)#1, 1; 1130(1)#4, 1; At-Large 1/1.  A qurom was called with  17 of 26 VVA Chapters present.

Approval of the Minutes

The Minutes were approved without objection with a correction to hotel location, and the WCTC Town Hall to be held at WCTC in Pewaukee.

Special Note: Please refer to the December 1, 2018, Meeting Minutes which explains the change in the format of the WSC Meeting Minutes.

Approval of Agenda

Modified to include the HighGround Executive Director John Weiler.


John Weiler, Executive Director of The HighGround provided a personal introduction as well as an update on Veterans Memorial Park in Neillsville.  Note: much of John’s information can be found on The HighGround website (https://www.thehighground.us/).

President’s Report: Richard Lindbeck

See www.vvawi.org > WSC Info > WSC Minutes.

President Lindbeck told all present to get their VVA Chapter’s Release of Delegates into National with copies to him so plans for delegates going to the Convention in Spokane can be identified and approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Patrick J. Craney

The quarterly banking summary and Net Worth was shared with the WSC Delegates.

Secretary’s Report:  James Mullarkey

The Secretary raised two points to the SC delegates.  First, the need to get their VVA Chapter’s Election and Financial Reports into the WSC (Secretary@vvawi.org) and National to the addresses on the repsective reports.  It is noted that page three of the Election Report must be sent into the WSC Secretary to be a complete report with the SC delegates listed.

Second, the Secretary indicated that the WSC ByLaws have not been reviewed in six years and there are a few elements that need to be reviewed and VVA Chapters added and removed accordingly.  A brief discussion ensued leading to the need for a motion.  The Secretary moved that a ByLaws Committee be formed for the purpose of reviewing and recommending any additions or deletions as needed.  Margowski seconded the motion; which was passed unanmiously.  The President assigned Mullarkey as the Chair, V-P Dan Scuiti and Tom Sachs volunteered as committee members.  A report will be given at The HighGround. 

VVA At-Large Director Report: John L. Margowski

Margowski shared that Working Groups I & II will be giving their final reports and any other recommendations at the National Board Meeting in April.  Once available the At-Large Director will ask the WSC Secretary to send copies of the reports and other pertinent information to the WSC and VVA Chapter officers and directors for their review and to share with their VVA Chapter delegate(s) going to the Convention and their members for further discussion.  Expect this in late April. 

There was a VVA Memorandum dated April 11, 2018, discussing the impact of Agent Orange on the children and grandchildren - memorandum summarizes the most recent challenges VVA has faced concerning Chapter 18 claims and the health care program and provides recommendations for immediate improvements.  This is an email all Vietnam Veterans and their children and grandchildren should be made aware of.  If you are receiving this by email the memorandum is attached.   This memorandum is also available on the WSC website – after going to vvawi.org > WSC Committees >  Agent Orange Toxic Exposure > AO Toxic Exposure Topics.

Margowski gave an update on two critical bills for Vietnam Veterans, specifically the H.R. 299: Blue Water Nay Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019 and H.R. 1327: Never Forget the Heroes: Permanent Authorization of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Act.

AVVA State Representative Report: Pat Furno

The WSC was informed that there are now 10,121 members, the AVVA Convention is concurrent with the VVA Convention in Spokane, WA in July.  Rick Talford VVA Chapter 0005 Representative is running for Deputy Region 6 Director.  There are 12 eligible delegates to vote at the Convention. Everyone is urged to check the AVVA site (http://www.avva.org/).

VVA WSC Region Director Reports:

Region 3 Director: Tom Hoffman

See WSC website (https://www.vvawi.org/) click on WSC Info then goto Region Reports.

Committee Reports:

Scholarship Committee: Virginia Nuske

The Scholarship Committee Report is located on the WSC website – or after going to vvawi.org click on WSC Committees > Scholarships > Reports

One of our previously awarded scholarship winners became ill and almost lost his award; however, he recovered and is staying in the program for his award.

Scholarship winners information and their essays will be posted in June on the WSC website – after going to vvawi.org click on WSC Committees > Scholarships > Scholarship Winners.

POW/MIA Committee:  Duane Canon

The complete POW/MIA report for the first quarter of 2019 is located on the WSC website – after going to the vvawi.org website > click on WSC Committees > POW/MIA.

VVA Chapter Reports:

See www.vvawi.org > WSC Info > Chapter Reports

Motion was made by Tom Heitman to extend the meeting to 12:30 P.M.  The was seconded by Canon and approved without objection.

Old Business:


New Business:

As per the agenda the JROTC Medal program (https://taylorsvillehighjrotc.weebly.com/national-awards.html) was discussed.  Margowski made a motion to hold any further discussion on JROTC Medal program until additional information is made available which is planned for the WSC’s first quarter meeting in 2020.  Canon seconded the motion which was approved without objection.

XXX from VVA Chapter 351 was appointed the VAVS State Chairperson.  The WSC VAVS can establish a committee of like VA volunteers who can meet at one or more of the WSC quarterly meetings to discuss activities at VA facilities.  The VAVS Chair shall report at to the SC at the quarterly meetings.

At-Large Director Foye made a motion to adjourn the WSC Meeting at 12:35 P.M.  This was seconded by Joe Eiting which was approved without objection.

Respectfully submitted,

James E. Mullarkey, Secretary

[1] As per VVA WSC letter sent (October 6, 2014) to all VVA WSC Officers, WSC Region Directors, and VVA WSC Chapter Presidents, Officers and their delegates; it was declared that all VVA WSC Chapters must be represented at no less than one-half or 50 percent of the scheduled WSC Meetings – held quarterly during the calendar year.  Failure to meet this minimum requirement will result in disciplinary action and VVA WSC suspension – refer to VVA Constitution and National Disciplinary Policy.  The parentheses () following the VVA Chapters number (e.g., 007 (3)) indicates the number of meetings recorded as attended in the calendar year as of the roll call.  The # refers to the VVA Chapters WSC region.  An underline of the VVA WSC Chapter number (e.g., 009 (1)) indicates that they have been suspended in the previous calendar year and have as yet attended the minimum meetings for the present calendar year.  The number following the # sign indicates the number VVA members represented followed by the number of AVVA members (e.g., 4/2).

For an Adobe PDF of the meeting minutes click here.

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